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Reminder: help out The Sour Notes

February 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

Help The Sour Notes fund its project via Kickstarter. Pledge here.

Watch a video the band made of its recent time on the road here.

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The Sour Notes are a band from Austin, TX. We got together back in 2008 and come this January 2011 we will have put out three albums, two 7-inch records, played 120 shows and gone on four tours.

This high rate of productivity is expensive and being that we’re an independent rock band doing it on our own dime, it can sometimes be downright near impossible.

Despite our demanding work and school schedules, we’ve managed to finish recording our fourth album. Like anything you pour your efforts into, you want the final product to receive the care and attention it needs to flourish. We’ve always approached our musical production with the most seriousness and care an independent budget could afford. But we are particularly proud of our latest effort, we went all out this time even commissioning local indie chamber pop darlings Mother Falcon to lay down strings and brass!

We’ve been lucky enough to have such a supportive network and fanbase to enable us to get this far, but the time has come to take it a step further.

That’s where you come in. Your generous pledge would go towards the mixing, mastering and replication costs required to put out our new album on CD. In reality, these costs greatly surpass our funding goal (mixing+mastering+replication, we’re looking at at least $4K), but even this partial assistance would assist us immensely. If we make it past our goal, we’ll put those additional funds toward releasing the album on vinyl as well. But let’s start here.

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