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The Alarm and Psychedelic Furs in Houston

April 3rd, 2004 · No Comments

Warning. If you’ve read this column enough, you know that I was a huge fans of The Alarm in the eighties. I have seen them live countless times and still keep up with the band to this day. I am not entirely “into” the whole eighties nostaligia trip, but love seeing bands live that I haven’t been able to see for a very long time.

As I previously mentioned on the site, Mike Peters and The Alarm recently released the single “45 RPM” and hit the UK charts as a result.

I just found out that the band has brought their “In The Poppy Fields” tour to the U.S. and are playing in Houston at “Club V” at Verizon Wireless Theater on Saturday, April 17th. Tickets are available at (ahem, ahem) Ticketmaster at the not-so-bargain basement price of $21. Last time I saw The Alarm was in 2000 in Austin at a small goth club. I am sure I paid less than $21 but it was worth every penny.

The band now includes guitarist James Stevenson (Chelsea, Generation X, Gene Loves Jezebel), bassist Craig Adams (The Mission/Sisters of Mercy), and drummer Steve Grantly (Stiff Little Fingers). Peters (guitar and vocals) and company have a strong fanbase in Europe and the U.S., and typically play to sold out crowds. Let’s hope Houston fans come out and show their support.

Opening the show on this leg of the tour is The Psychedelic Furs. Let’s the eighties nostalgia begin. You know the Furs’ songs–“Pretty in Pink,” “Love My Way,” “President Gas,” “The Ghost In You.” An endless stream of good songs. I saw them play a few years ago at The Woodlands with the B-52s and the Go-Gos (shut up!) and they were the openers. I could’ve left after they played–it was great to see them live and I am really looking forward to seeing them play again.

Psychedelic Furs now includes frontman Richard Butler, bassist Tim Butler, guitarist John Ashton, drummer Frank Ferrer, and keyboardist Amanda Kramer. Expect a stellar performance from the band.

I’ll keep you posted on previews, reviews, etc. so check back soon.

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