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SXSW preview: B L A C K I E

February 23rd, 2009 · 2 Comments

Houston indie rapper B L A C K I E shatters any preconceived notions about Houston hip hop. More punk rock than Dirty South, there’s none of the mind-numbing absurdity of modern, popular hip hop in his songs. Instead, he mixes free-flowing poetry over noise rock and fuzzy beats to create music like nothing you’ve heard before. His last album, Wilderness of North America, is sold out but you can listen at his MySpace page.

In preparation for his first South by Southwest showcase, B L A C K I E recently answered a few questions for Houston Calling.

Houston Calling: Why should people who have never heard of you come check out your SXSW showcase?

B L A C K I E: People gotta come, I got to have something to land on when I pop-off.

HC: What do you consider to be your primary musical influences?

B L A C K I E: Schoolly D! Belladonna, U.K. Grime, and Southern Rap. The Circle Jerks as well.

HC: What do you think of the hip hop scene in Houston today as opposed to how it was a couple of years ago? Do you think it’s important to differentiate yourself from what most people think of when they think of the Houston rap scene or the Houston music scene in general?

B L A C K I E: Slim Thug’s last CD…was produced by The Neptunes and it came out on Geffen. It’s four years later and his new CD is coming out on Koch and I heard he’s going to have newer unknown, more Southern producers working on it. That sums up what I think about the Houston scene now as opposed to a few years back. But I don’t know — I just checked online and Slim Thug’s first single is called “Houston” and it’s produced by The Neptunes, again. So, who knows?

I don’t want to be differentiated too much. I still claim Houston, I just gotta claim xCHEMICALxCITYx [Pasadena, Texas] first. Here is a good analogy: I am to Houston what the Bay Area is to L.A. I am Hyphy. Houston is G-Funk.

HC: What do you have planned for 2009?

B L A C K I E: I got a limited edition cassette coming out on AG82 / Heavy Leather Records. NOISE-RAP-TERROR ASSAULT. I got another limited cassette release coming out on Dull Knife Records. It’s a split with my friends, Cop Warmth. It’s bananas. It is the tape I wish someone had given me when I was 16…I’m working on another full-length.

HC: What are some of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing at this year’s SXSW?

B L A C K I E: Bands that I have not seen that I do want to see are Grizzly Bear, Juiceboxxx, and P.O.S. — but none of my friends have wristbands and my girlfriend will strangle me if I see Grizzly Bear without her…so I’m not even going, really. The ones closest to you are always holding you down. I’m just gonna do my thing and smash off…

B L A C K I E plays his official SXSW showcase Friday, 3.20.09, at Prague (422 B Congress). Visit him online at www.myspace.com/blackieblackieblackie.

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  • 1 joel // Feb 26, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    nice interview. i tired to book juiceboxxx but no reply.

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