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Review: The Verve, Forth

September 4th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The Verve, Forth

The Verve
On Your Own

More than 10 years after “Bittersweet Symphony,” listeners should rightly question The Verve’s intentions behind reforming for a new release. Regardless of whether the British foursome asked themselves, “If Oasis is still making records, why can’t we?” or they honestly felt cosmically drawn to each other after a decade apart, their new album is further evidence that they were an underrated band whose worldwide fame came much too late.

The majority of Forth sounds as if The Verve never stopped making music together. Guitarist Nick McCabe, who quit the band before their tour of the States for Urban Hymns, is–as he always was–the cornerstone of the group’s sound. Throughout Forth, especially on the splendid opener “Sit and Wonder” and lead single “Love Is Noise,” he weaves an intricate and spacey framework around the funked-up rhythm of drummer Peter Salisbury and bassist Simon Jones. His handiwork makes “Valium Skies” and “Appalachian Springs” flowing epics, while “Columbo” hearkens back to the band’s early, psychedelic-tinged heyday.

Each member seems fully confident in his role, but Forth contains a few missteps: “I See Houses” could be a droning leftover from one of Ashcroft’s poorly-received solo efforts and “Numbness” is aptly named. However, the album also contains one of the band’s best songs, “Judas.” In it, Ashcroft offers what is possibly the best reason for the band’s reunion: “For a dream to happen, you gotta let it go.”

Whether or not they truly have let it go and survive to make a fifth album, The Verve can be proud that regardless of the reason for the new album, their legacy is solid and they obviously haven’t lost their touch at creating masterful Britrock.

Forth hit U.S. record stores and online outlets (including iTunes) on August 26th. You can order the CD from Amazon–there are also CD/DVD sets and vinyl available. Visit the band online at www.theverve.tv.

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  • 1 hajil // Feb 16, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    I liked their album. Everything had that psycedelic feel, so who care what youall think, the album was Hot!!!!!!!!!!!

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