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An end to an era, another one begins… Matt Sonzala’s leaving Houston (so real)

December 6th, 2007 · No Comments

I have been sitting on this nugget of info for what seems like forever (actually, since early September), but since he’s basically already there and recently posted about it on HoustonSoReal, I guess it’s okay for me to post about it as well.

Matt Sonzala, hip hop promoter, rap lover, world traveler, KPFT’s Damage Control host, and all-around nice guy, was offered a job at SXSW organizing their hip hop showcases–it was an offer he obviously couldn’t refuse. As you can read on his site, he has mixed feelings about it–and ending Damage Control–but also some very strong feelings about the state of modern hip hop.

Here’s a sample:

The whole reason for Damage Control was to give everyone a chance. If you’re making rap music independently and have no in’s to commercial radio or any of that shit, you could always come down to DC and get a spin. Let the world know you are out here. I love that concept, it’s the best, it’s in my heart, but today man… it’s just not worth it.

There’s always been great rap music and there’s always been shitty rap music. I honestly never cared if it was good or bad, I was more than happy to support real people trying to do real things. Real people making art, that’s what I love. But nowadays man, 99% of you people who are trying to rap are weak minded and in the wrong place. I hate to say it, but literally 99% of the people out there rapping are copy cats who lack vision and passion. I hate to be so blunt, but it’s true…

I’d wager he’s done more for local hip hop than anyone. You can wish him well this Saturday (12.8.07) at The Proletariat during his going-away party.

Visit his new site soon at www.austinsurreal.com.

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