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Punk rock

October 15th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Keeping with the recent Spin magazine issue on punk rock, I thought I’d see if I could find Mogwai playing their song. I found a video of Iggy Pop’s talk show rant synched to Mogwai’s “Punk Rock.” Enjoy it here.

Rock fan/chef Anthony Bourdain’s article in the magazine is classic. Here’s a snippet:

Don’t let anybody tell you different: 1977 was not a good year. Not a good decade, not a good time for New York City. Remembering now, it’s easy to wax rhapsodic — the year gave us, after all, the first important explosion of punk rock and hip-hop. If you weren’t there, through the pink-tinted prism of irony, even the clothes might look cool. But in fact, 1977 was a shameful, embarrassing time to be alive.

This was the year that Saturday Night Fever — a decent film about a hopeless, pig-ignorant loser who fills his empty nights by dancing (badly) at a local disco — was criminally misread by millions of people who made its well-portrayed but pathetic protagonist into a hero. Every douche bag in America who could buy a white suit or some heavily adulterated cocaine was suddenly empowered to show you his back fat and chest hair. It was the triumph of the Ron Jeremys. They were everywhere. This was theirtime. This was the year Studio 54 opened, the first time in history when you might find yourself in the same club as your parents, doing the same drug. People would soon be dancing, with a straight face, to the theme music from S.W.A.T. and Star Wars. Unlike in the ’60s, being young or different was considered less desirable than being in the same room as Liza Minnelli. It was the end of a long, dark period when it seemed that we’d all be doomed forever to hear nothing but bloated stadium acts—turgid Rick Wakeman “operas” or the Allman Brothers Band’s “One Way Out”—or the terrifying easy-listening sounds of Loggins & Messina, hippies noodling away on pedal steel guitars and mandolins.

Read the entire article here. It cracks me up.

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  • 1 Jeremy // Oct 16, 2007 at 1:27 pm

    Awesome. God damn, I love Anthony Bourdain. The guy makes eating cow brains look/sound pretty enticing…

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