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Fallcore is this Saturday at The Meridian

October 12th, 2006 · No Comments

Fallcore is this Saturday (10.14.06) at The Meridian. Doors open at 1pm and the bands start at 2pm. This is an all ages show.

The Meridian is located across Hwy 59 from the George R. Brown Convention Center just off the feeder road at 1503 Chartres in downtown Houston. There’s plenty of parking in the parking lot and on the streets.

Here’s the press release about the show:

It’s getting to be that time of year again–the time when hardcore kids from all over Texas, and even some from other states, too (as seen in recent years), migrate to Houston for what has now become a tradition of sorts: Fallcore Fest. Bigger and better every year, Fallcore is the premier annual showcase of Texas hardcore, punk, and metal talent. No matter what your taste is in heavy music, there is sure to be something to please your palateat Fallcore.

Beyond the music, Fallcore Fest has also come to be known as an annual occasion where friends from far away places can come together, or even meet for the first time. Perhaps one of the things that sets Fallcore apart from other heavy music fests is that it was created out of a sense of appreciation and enthusiasm for Texas’s thriving underground music scene and the communities which have spawned from it. Hundreds turn out each year to celebrate what all have had a role in building, or quite simply–to hang out and enjoy stage dives and good times.

More of the press release:

Fallcore has become a ferocious entity in itself, always growing and changing, adapting to the concensus of Texas’s own hardcore music fans and the ever-expanding roster of bands that call Texas home. This year’s Fallcore features more bands than ever before at a venue much larger than in previous years. The only in venue in Houston capable of accomodating the beast that Fallcore has become is Club Meridian near downtown Houston. Club Meridian boasts two stages (one significantly larger than the other, which is generally reserved for larger drawing acts) in seperate air-conditioned rooms, complete with impeccable sound systems. Bands will alternate stages for the duration of the day and night, with five minute breaks in between each set. For those wishing to take a break from the music at any given point in the day, Club Meridian has full bars and comfortable lounging areas in the concert rooms, as well as an even larger warehouse-like area where one can escape the sweaty crowd and scope band merchandise, participate in an ongoing video game tournament or just rest up for the next band. Though there will be no ins-and-outs at this year\’s Fallcore, Hatetank Productions has arranged for Freebirds World Burritos and Amy’s Ice Cream to have food for sale all day and night, offering excellent food and refreshments (with vegetarian and vegan options available) at prices even the crustiest punk ought to find affordable. Good entertainment, good food, and good friends–what more can one ask for?

Here’s the schedule:

B = Big stage (blue room) | S = small stage (red room)

1140-1205 (B) PRIDE KILLS | 1110-1135 (S) THE JONBENET | 1040-1105 (B) AT ALL COST | 1010-1035 (S) WILL TO LIVE | 0940-1005 (B) IRON AGE | 0915-0935 (S) DIE YOUNG | 0850-0910 (B) KILL THE CLIENT | 0825-0845 (S) INSECT WARFARE | 0800-0820 (B) YOUR MISTAKE | 0735-0755 (S) BITTER END | 0710-0730 (B) KNOCKOUT KINGS | 0645-0705 (S) DAMAGE CASE | 0620-0640 (B) TEN CROWNS | 0555-0615 (S) HOLD FAST | 0530-0550 (B) TRIP WIRE | 0505-0525 (S) THE GOLDEN AGE | 0440-0500 (B) FLAWLESS VICTORY | 0420-0435 (S) LIE AND WAIT (LOOK OUT) | 0400-0415 (B) GRAVE ROBBERS | 0340-0355 (S) LMF | 0320-0335 (B) INDISGUST | 0300-0315 (S) FIGHT PRETTY | 0240-0255 (B) MY LAST WAR | 0220-0235 (S) ON MY SIDE | 0200-0215 (B) I AM WOLF

More info can be found online: www.hatetank.org | www.fallcore.com | www.myspace.com/fallcoretx


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