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The Black Math Experiment: What We Do… Is Secret EP

October 28th, 2005 · No Comments

Mix equal parts Devo and “Metro”-era Berlin (you know, back when they were good), add hints of Bauhaus, Joy Division, and early Ministry, and you can begin to understand The Black Math Experiment’s sound. On this EP, the band whisks through four songs that reflect their influences — the tag-team vocals easily bring to mind Berlin’s “Sex (I’m A…)” — Christi Lain’s luscious voice drips sex while Jef Rouner (aka “Jef with one F”) alternates between his best Peter Murphy and Ian Curtis impressions. “What We Do… Is Secret”‘s keyboards (courtesy of Chris Soliz) also have a staunch adherence to all things eighties, not that it’s a bad thing. Revivalism is on the rise, and bands increasingly must find ways to ride the line between homage and direct rip-off — it’s a challenge, to be sure. But the gothic, guitar-based “Step” and “One And One Is One” coupled with Lain’s vocals and the sheer dancability of the title track prove that The Black Math Experiment’s music is well-suited to the task.

More information on Houston’s The Black Math Experiment can be found at their website or on their MySpace site. Their full-length album should be available in mid-December. The band will open for the latest incarnation of Gene Loves Jezebel on November 20th at Havok. This should be a good show and is going to force me to dig out my old copy of Discover tonight.

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