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The People’s Champ reviewed in Pitchfork

October 7th, 2005 · No Comments

Houston rapper Paul Wall gets even more exposure on the Pitchfork website.

Here’s a snippet:

Paul Wall is probably the first white rap star who doesn’t feel the need to talk about his race. No white rapper has ever managed to reach any level of fame without addressing his race, whether it be the Beastie Boys’ downtown dorkatronix, House of Pain’s Irish-pride chest-beating, Eminem’s obsessive self-loathing, or Bubba Sparxxx’s country-rap album. Even Vanilla Ice concocted an elaborately fake backstory and put the word “Vanilla” in his name. Not Paul Wall. If you never saw a picture of this guy, you’d have no idea that he’s the only white guy in his video; you’d just know that he’s a dude with a low, thick drawl who loves cars and diamonds. A large part of Paul’s success comes from his sheer implausibility– he’s a goofy guy with a fratboy goatee who went to college and then made his name designing platinum grills, and he rolls with an underground, provincial rap crew who became tremendously famous once MTV realized that Houston has this whole long-standing self-contained rap culture.

See it for yourself here.

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