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Live 8 concerts — watch the reunited Pink Floyd today

July 2nd, 2005 · No Comments

You can watch it all day and night here online here:

Live 8 Stream

It’s free!

You can sign your name to the petition at live8live.com.

Hopefully I’ll be able to record the Pink Floyd show. The U2 and Coldplay sets were okay. Audioslave‘s pretty much phoning it in from Berlin — not impressive at all. Duran Duran in Rome started off slow but picked up after a bit. I never thought I’d say this., but “Wild Boys” rocked.

An interesting performance was Elton John with Pete Doughtry doing a cover of “Children of the Revolution” — odd, but nice.

Enjoy watching it. Hats off to Geldof, although what Noel Gallagher had to say about the thing made me laugh:

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but are they hoping that one of these guys from the G8 is on a quick 15 minute break at Gleneagles (in Scotland) and sees Annie Lennox singing ‘Sweet Dreams’ and thinks, ‘F**k me, she might have a point there, you know?’

Keane doing ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ and some Japanese businessman going, ‘Aw, look at him… we should really f**king drop that debt, you know.’

It’s not going to happen, is it?”

Heh. Bob Geldof just introduced Bill Gates. Then Bill introduced Dido. The world’s getting smaller…

Enjoy the shows.

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