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Take the skinheads shopping…

January 19th, 2005 · No Comments

This just in from Camper Van Beethoven’s management:

Thank you for supporting the artists of Vanguard Records. We specifically write you beause you live in the TexArkAna region. We thank you for your time in reading the following:

Camper Van Beethoven’s gear has (once again) been stolen. This time, from their hotel in Dallas. Below is a listing from David Lowery of the items taken. The band wants to continue its tour and in-store shows, so any and all help you can provide will be instrumental.

For those in the Texas/Oklahoma area, please print out the listing of equipment so shopowners can keep an eye out. If you have gear similar to what was taken and can let the guys borrow it, that would be terrific too. Please feel free to contact us at ayappa@vanguardrecords.com if you are able to help in that capacity.

From David, the list of items taken:

1. ibanez jet king. cream colored in soft case *
2. gibson blues hawk red in gibson case *
3. ibanez classical electric in ibanez hard case
4. ibanez acoustic electric in ibanez hard case *
5. yellow dobro (plastic finish) in hard case
6. fender squire strat in grey ibanez jet king case
7. fender squire tele in soft case
8. fender squire strat in soft case
9. music man rd 112 amplifier no case *
10. roland keyboard, in plastic shell case
11. green flight case, contents unknown. possibly keyboard rack units.
12. Ampeg SVT Bass amp. in flight case *
13. flight case with misc cables, 3 sennheiser 425 microphones, 2 sennheiser 604 mics, 3 boss tu12 tuners, boss tremolo foot pedal, bass line splitter. line selector pedal
14. flight case with sony digital 8 camera, power supply, digidesign mbox, misc computer cables, m audio audiophile 4 channel firewire audio interface
15. old casio tone keyboard in soft case. *
16. matchless super chief amplifier head. in flight case *
17. fender strat white in grey “freedom” hard case *
18. fender p bass in fender hard case *

*the stuff with asterisks are the things we need to borrow from people for the show.

Thanks for your time and assistance! The band is maintaining a positive outlook–they want to press on and surmount the challenge. Your energy will make that possible.

Our Best,
Camper Van Beethoven & Vanguard Records

Their show here in Houston is scheduled for Thursday night at Fitzgerald’s with an in-store during the day at Cactus. If I get more information, I will pass it on.

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