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The hay ride starts at my house…

January 15th, 2005 · No Comments

We’ll avoid the traffic of the 2005 HP Houston Marathon and venture outside of Houston to Crawford, TX, for Ted Nugent performing in a school gym. Yes, a gymnasium. For charity, of course.

Details here.

Who’s with me? I’d hate to blow off the Arthur Yoria/Pale free show at The Proletariat tonight, but c’mon. Maybe there will be some Girl Scout cookies for sale as well. I could go for a Caramel Delite.

Who let The Nuge move from Michigan? And to the same small town as Bush’s ranch? What, did the CIA need a bowhunter or something? My Spidey sense is a-tingling…

Anyway. You’ll note on the above government link that Jennifer Garner is featured on the employment page. I was not aware that Alias was a reality show, but I guess it is. Does that mean CSI is real as well? Once again, I thank God I cancelled cable.

Seriously. What is that all about? Insanity abounds.

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