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Let’s Get To Second

May 18th, 2004 · No Comments

Chomsky’s new album, Let’s Get To Second, was released on Aezra Records on May 18th. The Dallas band will play in Houston on Thursday night at Fitzgerald’s. For more information on Chomsky, visit their website or the label’s website.

Tonight, local artist Lynne McCabe will showcase her new exhibit from 7 to 9 p.m. at 2608 Dunlavy (formerly home to the Axis hair salon beside Brasil). Hope to see you there.

Other shows this week:

The Roots/Jean Grae/Skills @ Numbers
Hella/Need New Body/Make Believe @ The Proletariat
Oddzar/Erase the Virus/Carmaci @ The Engine Room
Immortal Lee County Killers/Babydriver @ Rudyard’s
Badd Karma/LDV/The Living Dolls/Vatos Locos @ Fat Cat’s
Biskit Jones/Ozzmadiar/Mezcla @ Rhythm Room
Killswitch Engage/In Flames/As I Lay Dying @ The Meridian
A.N.S./Unit 21/Wrath of Beowulf @ Super Happy Fun Land

Trans Am/Les Georges Leningrad/Freedom Sold @ Fat Cat’s
Rockin’ for Rise Benefit, featuring Naked Content, Deep Ella, Hybrid Soul, Camino, Four Men Walking, & The Mandy Smith Group @ The HardRock Cafe
The Dead End Guys/Gotham Road/The Phantom Pains @ The Axiom
Schlitzfest 2004, featuring Eric Fiegal & The Fumigators @ Rhythm Room
Saliva/Mighty Sideshow/Paris Green @ The Engine Room
Those Legendary Shack Shakers/Three Bad Jacks @ Rudyard’s
Intergalactic Faerie Funk @ Super Happy Fun Land

Beulah/Dios @ Fat Cat’s
Ian Moore @ Fitzgerald’s
Stretch Armstrong/Terror/Between the Buried and Me/Day of Contempt @ Walter’s on Washington
Bone Simple/James Rider and the 420 Turnaround @ Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar
The Invincible Czars/Two Star Symphony/The Neptones @ Super Happy Fun Land
Ex-Girl/Ume @ Rudyard’s
The Psychodillos/Friends of Gravity/3 Fantastic @ Rhythm Room
Reckless Kelly/John Evans Band @ The Engine Room
Johnny Cat @ The Blue Lagoon

The John Sparrow/Casino/Loveless/Luxurata @ Walter’s on Washington
Little Compass/Grant Olney and the Brokedown Gospel (CD release)/Civillain/By the End of Tonight @ Fat Cat’s
Big Brown Truck/The Jonx/Tody & the Falcon/Torches of Fury @ The Proletariat
999/Mad Parade/Arm In Arm/Southern Riot/Drastic Actions @ Fitzgerald’s
Last Soul Descendents/Jeremiah David/Studemont Project @ Super Happy Fun Land
JW Americana @ Rudyard’s
Jack Ingram and the Beat Up Ford Band/Matt Davis Band @ The Engine Room
Azrael’s Bane (CD release) @ Forgettaboutit

Rock Show at the Roller Rink Pt. 2, featuring A Still Second, The Kidnap Soundtrack, Jennifer’s Promise, This Sacred Tragedy, JonBenet, Daggermouth, & The Phantom Pains @ The Mason Skate Center (7PM)
Voices Breaking Boundaries Benefit, featuring Quantum 5 & Mock Run @ The Artery (5401 Jackson)
Battle of the Bands, featuring Likeminds, Cellcyst, Door Number 2, Styll Standing, Final Farewell, Under the Green, & Tranquil Torment @ The Engine Room

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