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South By Due East & South by Southwest

March 20th, 2004 · No Comments

While Austin gets all the press with its South by Southwest (SXSW) flim and music conference, Houston’s own South By Due East Music Festival is going on as well at Super Happy Fun Land (2610 Ashland at Yale). The fun starts today (Saturday, March 20th) and continues through tomorrow (Sunday, March 21st).

Performers include:

Guy Swartz and the New Jack Hippies/Hightailers/Zwee/Chango Jackson/Opie Hendrix/Carrie Ann Buchanan/Fahl and Folk/Sonny Boy Terry/New Beatnik Review/Poetry in Reverse/Secret Beat Society/DeSangre/CitiZEN Change/Collective Hallucination/Last Soul Descendants/Mad Mike/Fluff/ Muzak John/Rosta Jazz Avengers/Quantum 5/Drop Trio/Little Brother Project

I am sorry, but I was not provided a time schedule. Maybe next year.

I attended SXSW Thursday and Friday of this week, mainly to see some friends of mine play as well as to meet other members of the donewaiting.com team, Chip (atomic ned) and Duffy. We all had a great time, it was great to finally meet face-to-face, and I am sure you’ll be reading on everyone’s columns how much fun everyone had while in Austin.

I saw many a great band play, and it was a rare treat to finally get to see The Webb Brothers live. They’re a great band out of Chicago who are signed in the UK. Their newest release is available on iTunes or as an import online. The guys played an incredible set and I was so happy to be able to see them like I did (they played at Emo’s Annex, which was basically a tent across the street from the main venue). The drinks were free, the weather was decent, and the music was awesome.

Another of my favorites, Caviar (also from Chicago), played at 3 p.m. Since their lead guitarist recently left to tool around L.A. with the guy from Korn, they had Scott Lucas (of Local H) fill in. Again, it was a great treat for me–these are three of my favorite bands.

The guys in Caviar returned the favor at 5 p.m. by playing as Lucas’ back-up band since Local H drummer Brian St. Clair couldn’t make it from NYC to Austin for the set. Sure, all told it was probably an hour and a half of music but it was worth the price of the wristband just to see these three bands play. I was in heaven. See the photos I took of the shows here.

But, of course, I didn’t stop there.

We saw Broken Social Scene play a few songs at Emo’s and caught Australia’s Gelbison at The Drink before seeing Chomsky and Caviar as part of the Aezra Records showcase that night at Agave on 6th Street.

Friday, we lucked out around 1 p.m. and hit the “Australians at SXSW” BBQ before they began checking for invitations. It was a full afternoon of free food, drinks, and great music from bands I probably would have never heard of otherwise. We saw Screamfeeder, Gelbison, and the best act of the afternoon, Ground Components. They can only be described as the Aussie version of The Strokes if The Strokes were really, really great. They were tight, raw, and loud–it was great. Each band played for maybe half an hour, and the bands played as if they were playing to thousands of people. I loved it. We also caught a female hip hop act called Macromantics, and some other great Australian rock acts, Riff Random, Shane Nicholson, and End of Fashion. I consider myself lucky to have been able to see all of these bands. I hope they all do well in the States.

From there, we saw The Wrens and then attempted to get into the Fader/Levi’s party to see The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Nothing doing.

Luckily, about that time, a friend called and said he could get us into another party and had run into an old college friend of mine so we headed over there. He had our passes and we had a great time. A nasty rumor surfaced that The Pixies were the 9 p.m. “special guest” at Stubb’s so away we went. Unfortunately, it was not to be. But we ran into some friends and had a good time there. I talked with Jason from Caviar and met Bohb from Bicycle Tricycle–these guys recorded an amazing cover of “The Rescue” by Triple Fast Action for a tribute CD. Check out the site.

From there, a few of us headed to see yet another Chicago band, Kill Hannah, at Hard Rock Cafe. We got there midway through their set but it was worth it. I had never seen them live before and I hope they play Houston sometime soon. it was a good show.

We saw Snow Patrol back at Stubb’s around 10 and then headed to see Sparticle (ex-Spacehog and Blind Melon members) at Fox & Hound at 11.

After that, it was cab city for as far as the $3 I had left would take us.

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Thanks to Billy Peake for the CD and the feedback on Houston Calling. It was great meeting you and hanging out with you, Chip, and Duffy at the shows. No more parking lot siestas–heh heh!

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