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Ten Questions for Innermost Aggression

October 27th, 2003 · No Comments

Houston has a thriving punk music scene. One of the better and newer bands to come out of it lately is the band Innermost Aggression. The band has played numerous gigs in the Houston area, and recently released a video and full-length CD, both availabe on the band’s website.

Be sure to see the band play on Halloween at Fitzgerald’s downstairs. The band is opening the show, so get there at 8 p.m. Also appearing on the bill are Mustard Plug, Secret Agent 8, River City Rebels, and The Yetis.

I recently emailed Derrick Dedmon, bass player for Innermost Aggression, who answered a few questions for Houston Calling.

10 Questions for Innermost Aggression

HC: How did Innermost Aggression get started?

IA:When Greg moved back to Texas he joined Omar and Mo in their old 3 piece. With this new band they wanted to move Greg to playing as a second guitarist and have someone new to play bass. Greg asked me to play bass. We thought for a new name for the band. We booked our first show for February 1st at Fuel Cyber Cafe. I hadn?t even practiced with the band and our first show was in 3 weeks, but we pulled it off.

What do you consider to be your musical influences?

IA: Second wave punk rock like the Descendents, Social Distortion, Youth Brigade, A.F.I., Face to Face, 30 Foot Fall

HC: What do you think of the Houston music scene? I see that one of your members played in Dallas for a while. I grew up in the D/FW area and there were a lot of pretty good bands coming out of there. What’s the take on the Dallas scene versus the Houston scene?

IA: Dallas has a good scene. A great number of people like to go to shows there. Dallas has Deep Ellum, which helps to strengthen the music scene. Dallas has the location for a great music scene. Houston doesn’t have a central location for music entertainment, but what Houston has is some really great venues. Dallas has some good ones but no great ones. As far as punk rock, Fitzgerald’s is the best venue I have ever played or gone to see a show.

HC: What is the one description that you hate to hear about your music?

IA: “You guys aren’t as hard core as I thought you would be.” I think this is said because our name sounds Hard Core. We don’t like to describe our music as “punk rock.” It is punk but we aren’t focused on making sure we portray the “punk rock” image. We are who we are and we sound the way we sound, but our sound is best described as punk.

HC: You guys have been getting some pretty good gigs around the Houston area (Engine Room, Fitzgerald’s). How do you feel about the venues in town–are they supporting your music?

IA: The sound system at the Engine Room is the best I have ever heard. They are supporting us. We would like them to let us open for some bigger shows, but I don’t think we are to the point with them that they are focused on our exposure. Jason Price has been very cool. I’m looking forward to playing there more. I think we sound the best there. Fitzgerald’s is the best venue for a punk rock show. I enjoy playing Fitzgerald’s the most because they support us the best. Lara Lowery was one of our main supporters at Fitzgerald’s. She booked us on the Fitzgerald’s Anniversary Show with 30 Foot Fall and she hooked us up with the August show with 8-Buck Experiment. I have not worked directly with Catfish. I’m not sure what Fitzgerald’s support will be like in the future, but we are optimistic. Lara now does booking for the Mausoleum on Richmond, so I’m sure we will be playing there some…For Innermost Aggression to do well in the Houston scene we need numbers. Just like every local band. Numbers at the door is what the clubs are looking at. It’s not talent, not potential, but numbers. People in our scene need to go to shows and if a local band is playing we need to give the numbers to the local bands. This is partly why our music scene is in a slump. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE!!!

HC: I assume that since you guys released your album for download on your website and are giving the CD away at shows that you guys don’t have any problems with the MP3 “revolution”? How are you using the Internet as a tool to market yourself?

IA: I think the MP3 revolution is the best thing to happen to a band like us. The Internet allows us to be our own distribution point. We want people to have the music. Our focus is on our live performance. The main thing we tell people is go to our website and listen to us. If you like what you hear then we will see you at the show. Local bands that are unsigned need numbers at the door of the clubs more then they need CD sales. It is our hope that if you can hear the music and you like it you will come to shows. The Internet is also good for show dates, fan feedback, and it gives people a way to contact the band directly. Fan contact is very important to us.

HC: If you could have any band cover one of your songs, what song would it be and what band?

IA: Collectively our favorite band is Face to Face. If Face to Face would cover “Walls” we don’t know what we would do.

HC: What’s your take on the state of the music industry?

IA: Record companies are focused on making money. I can understand that. That is the reason they became a company in the first place. The music industry is one of the best industries. You wouldn’t be good at music if you didn’t love it. There are not too many jobs that will let you do what you love for a living.

HC: What’s next for Innermost Aggression?

IA: We are filming a music video for “Hey Mister.” It’s a small production filmed by friends. We hope to use it as another form of promotion…Then our main focus will be on promoting shows and working on our stage performance. We are working on some new material but it won’t be on this album.

HC: What is in your CD player right now?

IA: Face to Face — Don’t Turn Away

Be sure to check out Innermost Aggression at Fitzgerald’s and around Houston. You can download the band’s new video and CD at Innermost Aggression.com.

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