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Return of the rock

October 13th, 2003 · No Comments

I’ll jump on the bandwagon and say that I cannot stop listening to the album Permission to Land by UK glam rock/metal act The Darkness. After a couple of friends recommended the album recently, and the fact one of my favorite bands (The Webb Brothers) is opening for them on a sold-out UK tour, I gave the CD a listen.

Some of the songs are so catchy, you’ll be singing along (or attempting to anyway) in no time. It’s a throwback to the late-70’s and mid-80’s glam rock/hair band days. You’ll either love it or hate–I doubt there’s much middle ground for these guys. But they’re getting a big push. MTV is playing their video for the single “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” and is running a spot of the band in their “You Hear It First” segment.

Check out The Darkness online.

Rolling Stone review

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For photos, click here.

I can’t say I will be listening to this in a few months, but for now it’s a fun thing to do.

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