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September 27th, 2003 · No Comments

Playing in Houston:

Saturday, 9.27.03

Casino/Flowers to Hide/Luxurata @ The Axiom (Houston Calling pick)

KPFT/Orange Show Benefit, featuring Attic Ted, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, VHX, Robbie Hardkiss, Killers for Hire DJs, Freedom Sold, Bavu Blakes, Witnes, Edin, DJ Baby C, A Pink Cloud, The Studemont Project, Hightower for President, The Jonx, & The Last Place You Look @ The Orange Show

Oneten Studios Final Show, featuring NTX&theELECTRICfuckall, Mock Run, Graffiti Jones, Mouthbreather, The Sugar Beats, Ruaminx, meoWcifer, The Fighting Type, DJ Eso, DJ SB, DJ cbondaonesand2s, & Killers for Hire @ Oneten Studios (110 Jackson)

Proletariat 1st Birthday Party, featuring Das Automatik, The Singles, & DANSEPARC @ The Proletariat

100.3 KILT Fall Fandango, featuring Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Honeybrowne, Django Walker, Cory Morrow, Dierks Bentley, Randy Rogers, Jason Boland, & The Lost Trailers @ The Woodlands

Little Compass/The Bright Idea/Violin & Recovery/Period @ Silky’s
Jonathan Richman/Washington Westcott @ Rudyard’s
Will to Live/Eyeagainst/Hoods/Blood Ties (CD release)/Incisor @ Fat Cat’s
Dexter Freebish/Day of Solace/Edge/Pushing Ten @ The Engine Room
F For Fake/Decybel/Brown vs. Board/Red Star/Carousel/Driver Friendly @ Fitzgerald’s
Global Village @ Cactus Moon (Humble)

Sunday, 9.28.03

Drop Trio (in-store performance) @ Cactus Music, 3 p.m.

Dirty South EarthFirst! Benefit, featuring Nikki Tex & the Electric Sex, Big Brown Truck, Die Emperor Die!, & The Wiggins @ Helios (6PM)

The Exploited/Total Chaos/Card Cheat/Arm in Arm @ Fitzgerald’s
The Hates/Black Star Brigade/Drastic Action/Southern Riot/Last Minute Fix @ Fitzdown
Prognosis/Feedback/The Reckoning/The Methods @ The Engine Room
Sounding Ground, featuring Mike Switzer & Matt Ingalls @ Super Happy Fun Land
Fischerspooner @ Numbers (try as I may, I cannot like this music)
The Dorks @ Fat Cat’s
Battle of the Bands, featuring 4Element, Priznaz of Society, Make Austin Normal, Absolute Pistol, The Delayed, Problem 7, Black Golden, & Hezelo @ Rhythm Room (2-7PM)
Felix Madison & Friends @ Rhythm Room (9PM)
National Zydeco Foundation Jam @ The Big Easy

Monday, 9.29.03

Poison the Well/Shadows Fall/Avenged Sevenfold/Death By Stereo/This Day Forward @ Numbers

Tuesday, 9.30.03

Trans Am/ARE Weapons/The Movies/Radio Berlin @ The Proletariat
Cygni 61/The God of Science/The Onlys/Brian Kenny Fresno @ Rudyard’s
naked Nois @ The Southmore House
Madball/Terror/Figure Four @ Fat Cat’s
Hate Eternal/Cephalic Carnage/Punch Your Face @ Walter’s

Wednesday, 10.1.03

Either you go to this:

Radiohead with Supergrass @ The Woodlands

or you go to this:

Commune Music, featuring Strangelight, Pale, & Jeffrey Thames @ The Proletariat

No exceptions!

Thursday, 10.2.03

Ultramagg @ Red Star
Rusted Shut @ Sound Exchange
The Neutral Sisters/Kenyha/Shark Attack @ Fitzgerald’s
Party on the Plaza, featuring The Derailers @ Jones Plaza (615 Louisiana)
14er/Violin @ Rudyard’s
Jimmy James & the Enablers/Beetle @ The Continental Club
Sancho @ Silky’s

Friday, 10.3.03 *A BIG NIGHT OF SHOWS*

Take your pick:

The High Strung & The Brian Jonestown Massacre play an in-store performance at Cactus Music at 6pm (FREE BEER)

THEN — go see The Brian Jonestown Massacre/The High Strung @ Rudyard’s

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic @ Texas Southern University

Evan Dando/The New Amsterdams/The Love Scene @ The Engine Room

Saturday, 10.4.03

The Mars Volta/Saul Williams @ Numbers
Kurtis Blow @ Barcode
Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown @ Cactus Moon (Humble)
Young People/Spain Colored Orange/Chasmatic @ Fat Cat’s

Bob Marley Festival, featuring Inner Visions, Michael Black, Spoonfed Tribe, Major Riley, Neutral Sisters, D.R.U.M., Dr. King Cobra, Ben Hunter, Shark Attack, Cosmic Force, & more @ Eleanor Tinsley Park

Stone Coyotes/Mando Saenz @ The Continental Club
The Colour Clear/Fallen Line/Passerby/From The Flesh/End of Story @ The Engine Room
Miltonio & the Funk Company @ Silky’s
Fab Motion @ Rudyard’s
Dubtex/V.H.X./Echobase/Jah Mighty/DJ Steve Swift @ Rhythm Room
Romeo Dogs @ Walter’s
Clay Farmer @ Richmond Arms

Hope to see you at some shows.

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