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August 5th, 2003 · No Comments

Neil Young is playing at The Woodlands this week. Here are some of the other bands playing in Houston this week:


Neil Young & Crazy Horse/Lucinda Williams @ The Woodlands
C’mon C’mon/Pink Swords/F For Fake @ Fitzgerald’s
Commune Music, featuring Mystery Flavor, Agena, Mike Walker, & Beautiful Loser @ The Proletariat
Johnny Wolf/Cletus/Little Joe Washington @ The Continental Club
Jay Hooks/Rumblecat @ Rhythm Room


Rilo Kiley/M. Ward/Statistics @ Fat Cat’s
Desperate Measures/Far From Breaking/Mental/Crunch Time @ Walter’s on Washington
Gotham Rd./Hypercenter/Dialate @ Fitzgerald’s
The Load Levelers @ Rudyard’s
Jimmy James & The Enablers/Beetle @ The Continental Club
We Against/Co Factor/The Pattern Broken/Saving Hobo Jane/Augusta @ The Engine Room
Glen Phillips/Brandon Stanley @ Rhythm Room


Middlefinger/3 Fantastic/Les Saucy Pants @ The Axiom
Krullur/10 Minutes Down/Engine 69/The James Dean Trio @ Fitzdown
Saturday Looks Good To Me/Catch Catch Perfect @ Fat Cat’s
Stereo Bar, featuring Avenue D, DJ Cuba Gooding Jr., DANSEPARC DJs, & Bucky @ Club Vision (2112 Chenevert)
Pimpadelic/Dirty South/Alligator Dave @ Fitzgerald’s
Golden Dawn @ Rudyard’s
Rock 101 KLOL’s 33rd Birthday Bash, featuring Lynryd Skynryd/Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas @ The Woodlands
The Handsomes/Drifter/Onion Creek/Crawdaddies @ The Continental Club
Black Cross/Roy/These Arms Are Snakes @ Dirtwood Ramp Park (948 Wakefield)
Load Levelers/Innermost Aggression/Very Ultra @ The Engine Room
Plump/Little Brother Project @ Rhythm Room
Train @ Verizon Wireless Theater
Izzys/Casino @ Stuka
Owen Temple/John Anderson @ Sam Houston Race Park


Texas LIVE! Annual Show, featuring The Colour Clear, Nothing, Seventh Day Sky, Dereistic, Ignite the Morning, Tri 7 Kru, The Kidnap Soundtrack, Deep 6, Reform, & In Halo @ Fitzgerald’s
Kid 606/DJ Rupture @ Fat Cat’s
Diamond Smugglers/Big Rock Candy/Brady Harris @ Rudyard’s
Kicking Howard/The Long Goodbye @ The Axiom (12AM, after play)
Planet of the Drums, featuring DJ AKI200, DJ Dara, Dieselboy, MCJ Messinian, Uberzone, Mister Spacely, & Noizee @ 610 Arena
Boston @ The Woodlands
Sullen/A Recent Thought @ The Warehouse
Wayne “The Train” Hancock @ The Continental Club
Blue October @ Numbers
Vapor/Lost Element/Canton High/Anubis @ The Engine Room
Jimmy’s Pawn Shop @ St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin
Letter/Flavor Conductor @ Rhythm Room
Superna @ The Cryolab
Goat/Rotten Piece/Priest in Shit/T.E.F./Ze’ro Sum/Concrete Violin/Price Taggery/Steel Hook Prosthesis/Lysogeny/Spin Laden @ Super Happy Fun Land


GoGirlsRock, featuring UME, meoWcifer, Mock Run, The Kimonos, Chickenhawk, & more @ The Proletariat
Glasseater/Bayside/Celebrity @ Fat Cat’s
Cast Aside/Today We Prevail/Days from Waking/Settle for Nothing @ Walter’s on Washington

and, of course

Lollapalooza 2003 — with Jane’s Addiction, Audioslave, Incubus, Queens of the Stone Age, Jurassic 5, The Donnas, The Mooney Suzuki, The Music, Burning Brides, Bellydance Superstars, & 30 Seconds to Mars @ The Woodlands

I know a group of folks planning on taking a limo to The Woodlands (not a bad idea due to traffic, the heat, and the chances of accidents and tickets). The heat index here has been hovering around the 105 range all week. I pray they make it out alive.

In music news, Rolling Stone‘s website has an article about former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic’s decision to give up a career in music. Evidently he’s fed up with the politics and general BS involved in the industry. Yeah Krist, try an office job.

Here’s the scoop:

“As far as the music industry goes,” says former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, “I quit.” Writing on the Web site of his current band, Eyes Adrift, Novoselic announced last week that he’s fed up with the business and disbanding the project.

“While Eyes Adrift is an artistic success, the commercial side is anything but successful,” Novoselic says. The band, which also includes Meat Puppets principal Curt Kirkwood and former Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh, formed in 2002 and released their debut last September, a frustrating experience for Novoselic. “After the release of the album the dynamic changed. Being on an independent label created many challenges for us . . . there was very little money for promotion. Our tour was in the red. My lot in life is that every band I’ve ever been in just falls apart.”

“I can’t read the magazines, listen to the radio or watch music television without feeling like I’ve just come in from outer space,” Novoselic continues. “I just don’t get it and I probably never did.”

What instead? Novoselic, the president and founder of the Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee (a first amendment advocacy group), plans to dedicate himself to more to political causes. “I’m relatively young,” the thirty-eight-year-old writes, “and I want to follow my compulsions. I have big plans for 2004. Next year will be a pivotal year politically for every one of us in the USA and for myself, even more so. I see some real opportunities to make change. If you’ve been following my politics, you know that I will continue to work for inclusion, fairness and freedom.”


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