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The Man Who discovered Oasis (among others)

July 19th, 2003 · No Comments

Last night, I came home after a 12-hour day at the office to a great seafood dinner and several Pyramids. The best part about the night, however, was the two shows I caught on Ovation: The Arts Channel.

The first was a documentary on Creation Records, which helped launch the music careers of The Jesus & Mary Chain, Primal Scream, and Oasis, and others like Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and many more. At the center of the documentary was Alan McGee, the founder of the label.

It was a great show, with plenty of interviews from musicians and label staffers, packed with tales of e-fueled days and nights, parties with rock stars, and dinners with politicians. I suggest you check it out.

And then, for some reason, instead of Oasis, Ovation aired a documentary on Blur. I never knew anything really about Blur’s background, but have always liked them about as much as I like Oasis–not a huge fan, but enough to have a few albums. Actually, I had listened to their newest album, Think Tank, a couple of times yesterday so I was anxious to learn more about the history of the band.

I know, even though Mogwai claim, “this,” I beg to differ. I like the new album a lot.

The documentary was very informative, and included a lot of live footage and clips of the band in the studio and hammering out various songs. I enjoyed it and suggest you check it out.

To find out when these shows will air again, visit the Ovation website.

More information on Alan McGee can be found here and here. For more information on Creation Records, visit this unofficial website.

Also, you can catch Luxurata at the Rhythm Room tonight in Houston. Modern Brit-pop and alternative/progressive rock form the basis of Luxurata?s sound which has been compared to that of Coldplay, His Name is Alive, The Church, and Oasis.

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