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Who’s Cryin’ Now?

July 7th, 2003 · No Comments

So this woman at work has a brother who’s in a band. Through some strange coincidence* she found out about my website, donewaiting, inmyear, etc., and asked if I’d review the band’s CD (band name: Stride–an interview with the band will appear here later this summer). She’s okay, so I agreed.

Anyway, they’re a bunch of talented musicians that basically sound like Dream Theater and long for the days when prog rock ruled. Anyway, that’s what the music is like–Emerson Lake and Palmer (a bit), Rush, and Dream Theater.

So, I went to their website to find more information on the band. Lo and behold, I was greeted with this nugget:

“If you haven’t heard ESCAPE (Stride’s Tribute to Journey) perform. Here’s your chance again. They will be performing with Thrive opening. Come hear them at ‘Forgeta-Bout-It Too’ 5920 Hwy. 6 North, Houston, Texas. Stay tuned to the site, as later we will be posting more information about Gary Belin (Escape’s front man). A truly spectacular singer and artist.”

Which makes me laugh (for more than the obvious reason). Here’s why:

In sixth grade, a couple of guys I knew from the bus and I formed a “band” called Escape, which “played” only Journey songs. We had a couple of practices but we never did anything because I wanted to be the drummer and so did another guy. So much so that he ended up slamming my head into the side of the bus one day on the way to school and later I hit him in the face in the gym before school. Don’t think we ever spoke after that.

How’s that for a Behind The Music?

Anyway, it’s funny for another reason: when I was down on South Padre Island for a friend’s wedding a few years back, we went to a local bar after the rehearsal dinner. I distinctly remember seeing a van with a trailer on the back of it. Written on the trailer was “Escape: A Journey Tribute Band” — I remember it because I thought it was funny that we had that idea in 1981 and in the late 90’s someone was actually doing it — and getting gigs. Of course, they were playing some hole-in-the-wall island bar (on the bay side no less) opening for Fins: A Jimmy Buffet Cover Band. I don’t believe we stuck around to hear them.

Just thought I’d share.

*The strange coincidence is that she needs some patio work done on her home. I did a website for a local patio company a couple of years ago. She saw that site online, saw the link to my site, decided to check it out, and then branched off from there, eventually seeing swizzle-stick, seeing my name on there and then on donewaiting. She wasn’t sure it was me, but asked and I said it was.

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