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Local Music Gets its Day in the Sun

June 13th, 2003 · No Comments

Tomorrow, be sure to attend the Washington Avenue Music Fest. Located between Waugh and Shepherd, Washington Ave. will again be turned into a sea of sweating youngsters watching nearly 30 bands for the bargain basement price of $5. No really, $5.

See local bands like Dune*TX, Paris Green, *mytwilightpilot*, Molly and the Ringwalds, Flowers to Hide, Pale, DJ Cuba Gooding Jr., In Love and Asian, Strangelight, and more. Meowcifer should be playing as well. Definitely $5 well spent just to watch them play. There will also be independent bands from Austin and across Texas.

Of course, since the heat index in Houston has been 110 degrees this week, be sure to drink plenty of water. Beer doesn’t count. Sorry.

For more information, please see the Houston Press article.

Be sure to hit your local record store on Tuesday (6.17.03) to get the new Mogwai album, Happy Music For Happy People. Enjoy.

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