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Baghdad, USA

April 10th, 2003 · No Comments

I hate politics and I hate war. But it looks as if the United States might actually be “winning” the war in Iraq. Baghdad is already becoming like Los Angeles or any other major American city after the Super Bowl or a hockey championship game. For what I mean, read this article.

Just thought I’d throw that out there.

By the way, check out SellTheKids. Some interesting thoughts at times…

Luxurata, a Houston band I have been waiting to see (and whose interview will appear here in the future, is playing at Rudz on Saturday night. Hope to see you there. I notice that the Luxurata website is down right now, but hopefully the show will go on.

On Friday, 4.11.03, The Kills are playing with Fatal Flying Guilloteens and Ex-Models at Fat Cat’s on Washington (The Club Formerly Known As Mary Jane’s). Rumors have it that The Kills are THE band to see right now. Again, a thanks to Hands Up Houston for bringing these bands to town.

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