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A Hushdrop A Day…

March 19th, 2003 · No Comments

Every once in a while, I’ll come across a great band that no one (more or less) has ever heard of. And while I have no doubt that there are a great many bands in practically every city in the world, due to the state of the music industry–or, in some cases, the state of the musicians themselves–most of that music will never make it past that city’s clubs.

A few years ago, I was turned onto a band out of Chicago (I know, I know–Houston Calling. Freedom of speech, remember?) called Hushdrops. This band mixes 60’s and 70’s pop and psychedelia in a way I haven’t heard before and I was blown away by their music. The band has released some singles on Sunshine Sheen Records and has played across the country (they were asked to perform at last year’s Terrastock outside of Boston). They have also contributed covers to tributes to both The Raspberries and The Who, and members have performed with Veruca Salt, Triple Fast Action, and The Webb Brothers.

Hushdrops are not signed to any major record label.

I haven’t heard much from the band lately–being on their email list I get the occasion gig reminder, but alas, I live in Houston so I never make the shows. So recently I went to their website and came across lead Hushdrop John San Juan’s diatribe on music called “What I Believe,” which I had forgotten about.

Subtitled, Loveless – or a small eternity with John San Juan in the company of his favorite album, this rant is a great tribute to classic rock, My Bloody Valentine, and the spirit of music in general. Click here — you must read it.

The band’s site indicates that their single “Emily” will be for sale at the site soon, as will a compilation called Urbs In Horto: A Chicago Indiepop Comp, which will be released on Johann’s Face in April.

There is a message board at the website, and various singles are for sale. Best of all, there are plenty of MP3s to tide you over until their record is released. I am not sure why it hasn’t come out yet but that probably has something to do with the music industry not recognizing true talent. Who knows?

Just check them out–you’ll thank me for it.

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